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Bonus 1 Hour of Free Consultation(s) with a Marketing Expert:
... You can make an appointment for and get a 250.00 value, 2 hours of free consultations with a sister site "Secret Solutions Expert Guide Help" membership marketing expert when you take advantage of your 6 months Secret Solutions free membership below.

Bonus 2 - 1000 High Quality Backlinks:
... You can request and get a 100.00 value, 1000 high quality backlinks campaign to the Web-page or Video of your choice done for you at no extra cost. These types of backlinks help push your site or video to the top of the search engines for more traffic and sales. Just email support and refer to this email to get your bonus 1000 Web 2.0 sites backlinks after you take advantage of the already incredible deal.

Bonus 3 - Special Landing Page for Local Keyword SEO First Page Placement:
... You can request an expertly engineered web-page created for you, this is a Special Landing Page for Local Keyword SEO First Page of Google placement. This is a 450.00/month value, Yours free for 45 days. If you chose you can then either turn the page off or keep the page for Half price on a monthly basis, only 225.00 per month. So if the page is making you money you can continue its operation. If it is not making you money in extra leads and sales you can turn if off without paying a dime for the Landing Page, you just tested it free for 45 days.

Bonus 4 - Free Secret Solutions Expert Guide Help Membership:
... You can request and will receive six (6) months free access to Secret Solutions Expert Guide Help Membership website, which is a multi-memberships site including providing members with great video and written info, on Topics like Business Marketing and Loans, Alternative Health, Telecommuting, Travel, Off the Grid Technologies, Government/Law, Debt Relief, Foreclosure Help, Bible Teachings and Prophecy, and much more at:

Bonus 5 - Free Consultation on How To Increase Your Conversion Rates/Backend Sales:
... You can request a free consultation on how to improve your conversion rates and back-end sales. Stop letting valuable prospects slip through your fingers. You can find out things like 1) your cost per lead and 2) a way(s) to find out who is your hottest prospects and how to identify them the easy way(s) and 3) how to lower your add costs and/or increase your sales conversions and make more money with the same amount of traffic and leads and costs, and 4) strategies that can help you solve the biggest problem in your business you would like to solve. This marketing pro consultation is a 250.00 dollar value, yours free when you take advantage of this great deal being offered you today.

Bonus 6 - Help Getting Good Reviews:... And remember as mentioned above if you don't have positive reviews just ask and you can receive expert help to get some reviews from some of your past or future buyers at no extra charge; this is a 200.00 value.

Bonus 7 - Free Professionally written (SEO) friendly Press Release:
... The first Seven (7), You can request and receive a 250.00 value Professionally written Search Engine Optimized (SEO) friendly Press Release totally done for you. For all others that take advantage of this deal, but are not one of the first seven (7) buyers, you can request for a PR expert to proofread a press release you write for errors, news worthiness and SEO value at no charge and you will get tips on how to correct your press release.

That's $1500.00 dollars plus in value in 7 free bonuses you're getting when you take advantage of this deal and the Reputation Marketing/Whiteboard Videos offered herein won't even cost you any where near that much.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Net/TV wants you to be totally happy with your Videos, and is proud to offer you a 30 day money back guarantee if within that time after every effort to meet your expectations has been made in good faith, and you are not completely satisfied, upon your request you will receive a prompt refund.

See Samples Of Reputation Videos - Click Below

Three (3) for the Price of One (1) Pennies on the Dollar Deal Here

For a Limited Time You Get Two (2) Additional Videos for the Price of One. With Providing Just 2 Referrals of other Business Owners with Companies that May Want or Need These Types of Videos You Get An Additional Review Marketing Video and a third Rep Marketing and/or Animated Whiteboard Video Commercial Tailored to Your Business. See Sample Whiteboard Videos Below.

Three (3) for the Price of One (1) Pennies on the Dollar Deal Applies Below

Triple Your Leads Program Reputation Marketing Videos

Coupon Special - 93% Discount Price

Limited Time Only

Estimated Cost For You To:

  • Stage a New York Style Video Production Studio: $700.00
  • Hire a Professional Videographer: $500.00
  • Hire a Professional Sound Man: $200.00
  • Hire a Professional Spokes Model - Man or Woman: $700.00
  • Hire a Video Editor: $400.00
  • Hire a Professional Hair Stylist: $300.00
  • Hire Prime Time Graphic Animator: $350.00
  • Hire a Makeup Artist: $175.00
  • Video Optimization $100.00
  • Video Broadcasting $200.00
  • Social Media Syndication: $200.00
  • A ´╗┐$3825.00 ´╗┐Value


Three (3) for One (1) Deal Applies Too This

Limited Time Discount

Four (4) Easy Payment Options

Payment Option 1

$197.00 Net/TV Host and project workers retain the right to not do or handle any work on projects in-house deemed to be possibly harmful, immoral, unethical, controversial or offensive.

Notice: You consent by Clicking one of the "Buy Now - Click Here" or other option buttons below that you understand and agree to the Net/TV Terms and Condition Accessible Here at this Link URL

Pay by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card

Or Payment Option 2

2 Payments of 117.50 = $235.00

Pay by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card

Or Payment Option 3

3 Payments of 90.00 = $270.00

Pay by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card

Or Payment Option 4

4 Payments of 74.00 = $296.00

Pay by Paypal or Debit/Credit Card

Or Payment Option 5

7 Payments of 47.00 = $329.00

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